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As we know from reading more about the alkaline diet, it is very important to maintain a low acid diet to keep the pH level in one’s body balanced. To have a healthy lifestyle we need to try to keep our acid alkaline balance as level as we possibly can, also doing exercise with the right clothing like a pair of SB SOX compression socks can improve your health a lot. acid and alkaline foods (ranging in pH from 0 to 14) should balance in our blood levels close to the range of 7, which means that our blood is neither too acidic nor too alkaline. When our pH drops to around 4 or less, it means, that we are consuming too many high acid foods and when our pH goes to 9 and above, we are highly alkaline and eat too many low acid forming foods.

Alkaline diet is also important for the bodies health, as it is based on vegetables and fruits creates less than optimal environment for cancer proliferation, while at the same time strengthens the immune function and supports healthy cells in the body thorough improved nutrition, so it is the best diet for cancer patients and cancer survivors to maintain their body in good shape and also helps the skin of the user hydrated and safe from other diseases such as described in the Psoriasis Symptoms Inspire community reviews.

The food that we consume are the major contributor for the pH balance in our body. When we want to take care of our body, we tend to consume lots of fitness-inducing foods that are very bland and not too tasty. When we keep consuming these kinds of foods over a period of time, we lose interest in the same and start cheating on our foods once again. It is important to stay healthy, that’s why you always have to go for a walk even if we like to stay at home playing video games with elo boost services from

This is where Alkaline Cook’s Alkaline Gourmet Package is a sure blessing for you. This alkaline diet cookbook contains marvelous and tasty easy alkaline recipes that have been prepared after years and years of research. This alkaline diet recipe book contains over 350 gourmet recipes that are high in taste and nutrients. The recipes here belong to various styles like Chinese, Italian, Continental and other international styles. The best thing about this book is that it contains dishes for main course, starters, desserts, snacks and many more.

Included when you buy the Alkaline Gourmet Package are:

  • Enhanced Alkaline Meal Plan Recipes (Worth $24.97)
    Here there are totally 50 easy alkaline recipes that consist of full day complete meal plans to give you enormous energy and alkaline levels. These are simple cuisines that you never knew existed. Be surprised every day with the dishes in this book as you bring novelty and health benefits to the foods that you eat daily.
  • Alkaline Salad Gourmet (Worth $24.97)
    Say goodbye to your normal salads that are made up of boring uncooked vegetables and sprouts. With this amazing cookbook, specializing in alkaline salad recipes, you get introduced to a world of around 10 natural, healthy and amazing salad recipes that you can try out easily at home.
  • Alkaline Avocado Delights (Worth $19.97)
    Get introduced to a world of avocado recipes with this amazing supplement. Enjoy the rich and creamy texture of avocado in various forms, which makes you look forward to your meals every day. Apart from this, the recipes mentioned in this book are so easy that it encourages even people who are not keen to cook, to try out new recipes every day.
  • Alkaline Green Smoothies (Worth $19.97)
    There are close to 50 green smoothies mentioned in this book that give you the much-needed nutrition and alkaline balance. Based out of fruits and vegetables, these green smoothies are high in vitamins and minerals and are designed in such a way to provide ultimate nutrition to the users.

alkaline avocado smoothie

Additional bonuses that you get along with this:

  1. Gourmet Italian Delights
  2. Gourmet Fruit Ice Cream Delights
  3. Natural Juicing Recipes

These three bonuses alone are worth a whopping $64.91 and you get them totally free when you buy the Alkaline Gourmet Package that is sold at a temporarily reduced price of $47. A perfect alkaline diet cookbook containing some of the best alkaline gourmet recipes, this cookbook is the perfect chance to impress friends and family with your impressive culinary skills. Follow the instructions in this alkaline diet book to the T and prepare excellent dishes within no time at all.

This product is highly cost effective. You get a lot of bang for your buck.
Contains more than 100 recipes that provide excellent alkaline balance to one’s blood levels.
Comes with three attractive bonus alkaline recipe books.
Healthy meals are now super tasty, thanks to the easy alkaline recipes in these meals.
Diverse range of recipes prepared every day.
60 day money back guarantee, which is an indication of the success of this cookbook.

This may be the first time we review a book that we feel has no cons at all. Balancing ones alkaline level is scientifically proven to give a world of benefits, with no side effects what so ever. This alkaline recipe book is full of inspiration to start cooking easy alkaline recipes now.

alkaline salad recipe

Final TakeAway:
Bid farewell to your bland foods that are currently part of your fitness regimen and embrace the diverse alkaline dinner recipes that are mentioned in the Alkaline Gourmet Package. Eat healthy, eat tasty and develop a good pH balance in your blood with the amazing foods mentioned in this cookbook. Purchase this book right away when it is being sold at an attractive price in the market, so that you don’t lose out on some special fitness recipes.

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Final Score: 9.5/10


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